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I.V. Matyash

Problems of the Analysis of Market Systemic Efficiency of the Enterprises

The problem of Business Systemic Efficiency becomes urgent in the conditions of financial crisis. The article considers the concept and ways of calculation of Business Systemic Efficiency and classification of enterprises by means of Business Systemic Efficiency. Therefore it is offered to differentiate enterprises: the enterprises with system of effective business, the enterprises with effective using of the proprietors' capital, commercially effective enterprises, the enterprises on a limit of credit status, the non-solvent enterprises, the unprofitable enterprises. Definition and procedure of payments of the enterprise systemic profitability and the commercial profitability are offered. The procedure of payments of the latent incomes is considered at positive system profitability. The order of definition of the latent losses is shown at negative system profitability. System effective enterprises have a high stock of profitability and are steadier during the crisis periods. It is shown that the system effec
tive projects should be prior to investment directions.
Key words: management in the conditions of crisis, investment appeal of the enterprises, financial stability, credit status of the enterprises, Business Systemic Efficiency, indicator of system profitability, indicator of commercial profitability.

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