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N.G. Yanova, A.P. Suprun

Quantum effects in personality psychodiagnostics

In modern natural-scientific paradigm objects and their states, in contrast to psychology, stopped being interpreted as monosemantic total of system#s characteristics determining their behavior at a stated moment. Such definition factually absolutizated gnoseological moment and leads to serious methodological difficulties when describing objects which behavior is not monosemantic Such type of behavior is characteristic not only of psychological, but also quantum phenomena. In this case state is a probabilistic characteristic of an object, determining its behavior and corresponding connection of characteristics in definite circumstances. Such approach doesn#t let description of an object be mechanistically monosementic and the latter is determined by "superposition" of its probable states. An attempt to give objective definition of an object without context of its perception conditions makes it somewhat virtual, though a real object always "reveals" to us in one of its admissible states (state reduction princi
ple in quantum mechanics). Since psychodiagnostics must be able to describe all the probable, important for satisfaction of personality#s main needs psychological states, personal profiles and individual#s characteristics taking into account probability of their actualization depending on definite circumstances, psychodiagnostical description of a personality must not differ from that of a quantum system.
The aim of this article is experimental study of this problem by the example of personality description in T. Lyry#s conception.

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