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V.I. Volkov, S.S. Kadysheva, P.N. Spasenko, A.A. Belash

Experiments of surface and shift efforts of a fluid

The definition of a fluid properties on demarcations is necessary is necessary for a different kind of biological, chemical and physical experiments. Especially at study of surface properties of cells membranes there with touching within blood, lymph etc. All these fluids are non-Newtonian. A standard pocket of fluids always used in chemical and biological experiments are treating to Newtonian. There are water, glycerin, ethanol. In this connection very interesting for us initial stress of shift for Newtonian fluids detections. Following Y.I. Fraenkel in any fluid the existence of rapidly damping transverse waves, bound with the short-range order is possible. The experiment about initial stress of shift for Newtonian fluids uncloses broad opportunities of simulation of processes on a surface of biological frames bordering with fluids, having a nonlinear dependence of shearing stress from a velocity gradient. The results in a work the results of experimental gauging tangent shear stress and surface-tension for
water, ethanol, glycerin and theoretical estimation of a surface-tension coefficient for water on a known molecular interaction potential of the Lennard-Johnes are resulted.

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