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B.P. Shipunov, Y.M. Chaschevaya

Changes of Vibrational Modes Force Characteristics of Cobalt Chloride Crystallohydrate

System researches of cobalt chloride hexahydrate crystals grown from solutions exposed to high frequency (HF) fields, performed by infrared spectroscopy are considered. Changes revealed in the vibrational spectra are the following: the shift of peaks frequencies, peaks appearance or disappearance, and changes of peak intensities. The effect depends on field frequency. In the paper, energy fluctuation data calculated on the basis of crystalline spectra are presented. The data demonstrates the changes of force characteristics as a result of HF field influence. The shift of absorption bands and relative intensity changes are due to transition of force interactions from solution to crystallohydrate. Caused by the influence of HF field on aquatic interaction between the molecules of water, processes in aqueous solution are projected on their interaction with the coordinating ion, and this fact is clearly seen in the vibrational spectra. Calculation of force characteristics based on the IR spectrum data is revealed that the changes of force interactions between water — cobalt ion are the greatest when samples are exposed to HF fields with frequencies of 30 MHz and 60 MHz. It can be explained by the differentiation of water molecules around the central ion and by the influence of HF field forces on the aqueous solution and water being the participant in construction of crystalline structure.

DOI 10.14258/izvasu(2015)1.2-12

Key words: the high frequency field, field impact, crystal hydrate, infrared spectroscopy, oscillation, the force characteristics, the spectrum, cobalt chloride hexahydrate

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Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia)
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Altai State University (Barnaul, Russia)
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