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 Архив журнала «Известия АлтГУ», начиная с 2017 г., размещен на новой версии сайта http://izvestiya.asu.ru
 Актуальная информация о журнале размещена на новой версии сайта http://izvestiya.asu.ru

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Publication Ethics of the journal «Izvestiya of Altai State University»
Publication Ethics of the journal «Izvestiya of Altai State University»

Ethics of the Editorial Board

The editorial board, editors, founders of the «Izvestiya of Altai State  University» journal follow the rules of the publication ethics, stated in the «Declaration on Publication Ethics and Unacceptable Practices» (http://www.maik.ru/ru/authors/declaration/), in the codes and standards Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE, Committee on Publishing Ethics) (www.publicationethics.org) and the leading publishing platforms and scientific communities. Compliance with the rules of publication ethics is a necessary requirement to maintain the quality of scientific publications and the confidence of the scientific community to the results published in the journal.
Ethical standards of the journal «Izvestiya of Altai State University» suggest avoiding of plagiarism; submission of works with the same result to different journals (self plagiarism); repetition of the same scientific data in different articles; inclusion in the authors’ list of people not involved in the research.
The editorial board of the journal provides an objective review of the submitted publications. Conclusion about the publication is made by the Editorial Board, which has the right to reject the manuscript or send it back for correction. Editorial Board informs the authors of the decision, including comments about the manuscript on confidential terms.

The Authors’ Ethics

The authors agree to follow the ethical standards of the journal.  The authors guarantee the accuracy of the results presented, the lack of plagiarism and self plagiarism, unscrupulous citation of other works.
The authors are responsible for the content of the article, as well as the absence of the information attributable to state or commercial secrets. Each of the authors must be a direct participant of the research, the results of which are shown in the article.
The authors agree not to send an article with the same content as well as the same illustrations to other journals before receiving an official refusal to publish the article in «Izvestiya of Altai State University» journal.

The Reviewer’s Ethics

The reviewer agrees to follow the ethical standards of the journal. The reviewer guarantees confidentiality on the content of the article, agrees not to take advantage of the information obtained in the course of reviewing.
The reviewer agrees to objectively review the content of the article, to avoid the formal reviewing without a specific analysis. The reviewer is obliged to reject or recommend to change the  irrelevant articles, articles of  the low scientific level, articles  which do not  meet the requirements of the journal article structure (including the presence in the article of the review of other publications on the subject), as well as manuscripts with poorly produced  illustrative material.
The reviewer has the right to inspect the manuscripts for plagiarism using the «Anti-plagiarism» software.

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