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Yu.V. Zemtsova, L.V. Fomina

The Quasiliquid State of Water on Border the Ice # Dioxide Silicon

The object of the research is the interaction between nanoblock crystal water ice H20O10 with hexagonal symmetry structure and nanoblock Si10O20 in various crystal (tridymite, cristobalite and quartz) and amorphous modifications.
During work the interfaces between nanoblock water ice H20O10 and silicon dioxide Si10O20 (tridymite, cristobalite, quartz and amorphous structure) have been simulated.
By using of the method of quantum chemistry in supermolecular approximation some values of adhesions energy between nanoblock water ice H20O10 and silicon dioxide Si10O20 were obtained and thermodynamic stability of structures: a water ice # tridymite, a water ice # cristobalite, a water ice # quartz and a water ice # amorphous silicon dioxide were shown.

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