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Political Economy
Political Economy

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V.A. Tkachuk

About a Parity of Serval and Patrimonial Principles in Moscow State

All history of formation of the Moscow political elite on our representation shows history of the struggle of, two foundation of its formation: patrimonial and serval. In the given clause the concrete facts of prevalence of serval and patrimonial principles of formation of the nobility in Moscow are investigated. Serval and patrimonial principles of elites formation in the state during the various periods of time were not equivalent, their parity constantly changes. Speaking about interaction of these principles in the state, it is necessary to subject the ways of hit of those or other representatives of knyazhesko-seignioral corporation on grand-ducal service, to consider the ways used by them to take up of the important state posts. Result of struggle of the described principles as bases making political elite during all period of creation of the Moscow state, the one was prevalence of the first was. From a parity of these principles within the limits of the considered historical period follows, that the pa
trimonial principle is the oldest bor the foundation of the nobility. All this process should be divided on two parts– the interaction of serval and patrimonial principles in staromoskovskoj environment of the nobility– there is are great value of a seignioral ancestral lands in XIV century, here successful career of these landlords in a princedom and gradual prevalence of completely serval landowners (having the ancestral lands given by prince). The concentrations of Russian lands around of Moscow and the foundation of the Moscow empire gave the conditions for a new stage of the struggle of serval and patrimonial principles. The foundation of the Moscow empire and the political rate of Ivan the IV has put an end of the Prevalence of patrimonial principle of formation of political elite. Henceforth the main condition at employment of posts: was bor the first, mestnicheskie category – a service records of representatives, and bov the second, baithfullness to the tsar as a unique source of

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