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 Актуальная информация о журнале размещена на новой версии сайта http://izvestiya.asu.ru

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T. A. Brusentseva, A. A. Filippov, V. M. Fomin
Composite Materials Based оn Epoxy Resin and Nanoparticles
A.E. Buzyurkin, E.I. Kraus, Ya.L. Lukyanov
Explosive Compaction of WC + Co Powders with Axial Symmetry
I. F. Golovnev, E. I. Golovneva, L. A. Merzhievsky
Modeling of Nanocrystal Structure Transformation under Shock Loading
M. A. Kozlova, M. N. Krivosheina, S. V. Kobenko
Numerical Simulation of Artificial Spalling
M. N. Krivosheina, E. V. Tuch, I. U. Konisheva, M. A. Kozlova
Cratering Simulation on Anisotropic Targets
M. A. Legan, A. A. Pyanzin, P. I. Zubkov, V. P. Zubkov, A. V. Talanin
Design of Centrifugal Accelerator of Powder Particles and Its Stress-Strain State Calculation
O. V. Grigoriev, I. O. Bondareva, E. A. Latypova
Set-Theoretic Model of Cargo Port Management under Risk
A. S. Zakovryashin, P. V. Malinin, A. A. Lependin
Speaker Recognition Using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficient Distributions
V. O. Kaledin, Y. S. Kryukova, N. V. Nagaytseva, E. V. Ravkovskaya
Software Systems for Algorithmization of Numerical Solution of Continuum Mechanics Problems
S. N. Korobeynikov, V. D. Kurguzov, A. Yu. Larichkin, A. A. Oleinikov
Computer Simulation of Elastomer Deformations
E. R. Yuzhaninova, A. V. Zykova, A. M. Korotkova
Internet use in Bioelementology Research Projects
K. P. Zolnikov, A. V. Abdrashitov, D. S. Kryzhevich, S. G. Psakhie
Simulation of Metal Wire Explosion by Electric Pulse Loading
Ig. S. Konovalenko, Ch. O. Toktohoev, Iv. S. Konovalenko, A. Yu. Smolin
Study of Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Composites with Different Volume of Plastic Filler
V. F. Losev, D. M. Lubenko, P. A. Palyanov, I. I. Shabalin
Shock Wave Generation in a Metal during Absorption of a Short Laser Pulse
S. F. Dmitriev, A. V. Ishkov, V. N. Malikov, A. M. Sagalakov
Eddy Current Transducers for Investigation of Metal- Insulator Transition Properties
A. V. Egorov, V. V. Polyakov, D.S. Salita, E.A. Kolubaev
Eddy Current Testing of Aluminum Alloys
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