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O.N. Morozova, E.A. Protsukovich

Peculiarities of Realization of Consonants in Interfered Speech (Based on the Material of Russian Speech of Selemdzha Evenks)

The article focuses on the results of the acoustic study of phonetic peculiarities of Evenki-accented Russian speech of bilingual Selemdzha Evenks. According to the research the most characteristic features of interfered Russian speech of Evenks are: 1) realization of a soft fricative /sʲ/ instead of the consonant combination /sʲ tʲ/ word-finally; 2) realization of implosive allophones of the occlusive consonants /t˺/ and /k˺/ prepausally; 3) realization of the affricate /ʧʲ/ with long occlusion and short fricative element; 4) realization of the occlusive consonant /tʲ/ instead of the affricate /ʧʲ/; 5) replacing of the affricate by fricative consonant /ʃʲ:/; 6) replacing of the round-fricative consonants /s, s ʲ/ by flat-fricative ones; 7) replacing of the fricative consonant /s/ by the two-locy consonant /ʃ/; 8) realization of an additional vowel in consonant clusters.

DOI 10.14258/izvasu(2015)3.1-23

Key words: the Evenki language, the Russian language, bilingualism, phonetic interference, acoustic characteristics, consonant phonemes, allophones

Full text at PDF, 1050Kb. Language: Russian.

Amur State University (Blagoveschensk, Russia)
E-mail: morozova_olga06@mail.ru

Amur State University (Blagoveschensk, Russia)
E-mail: amursea@mail.ru


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